We exercise utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion and based on your requests, are best suited to the nature and condition of each individual article in the absence of attached warnings or precautions from professional manufacturers or written notice from the owner of any alterations, modifications, adhesives, coloring or changes to the material by the owner or third parties.

Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weakness of or defects in materials that are not readily apparent, written or advised prior to processing or cleaning.  This applies particularly, but not exclusively limited to, suedes, leathers, silks, satins, double-face fabrics, polyurethanes, custom blends, hand made clothing or articles etc.  Responsibility also disclaimed for trimmings, buckles, beads, buttons, belts, zippers, sequins, patches, ribbons, hems, pockets, embroidery, sewings, and color loss or fade.

In laundering and in cleaning we cannot guarantee against color loss, shrinkage, damage to or from weak and tender fabrics, foreign objects, articles, chemicals or other commercial or home made products.  Commercially laundered items are washed and dried under a harsh environment and can and will reduce the life expectancy of all items.  We can not be responsible for life expectancy or damage to such items, products, or creations.

Quick tickets and receipts are provided and required for claiming items voluntarily delivered, dropped, picked up or shipped to any of our outlets, installations or employees.  Any differences in count must be reported in person, during business hours, and your ticket or receipt presented within 48 hours.  Unless a copied list, delivered and received (at the time of drop off), describing each article, it's cleaning instruction, special instructions or warnings, our count will and must be accepted.

If there is an article that you would like to have reprocessed because of stains, press, etc., the original tag we attach must be on the garment at the time of return and must not have been worn. The garment must be returned within 7 business days of pick up.

Our liability with respect to any lost, damaged, altered or argued condition of any article shall not exceed 10 times our charge for processing or handling said article.

***We are not responsible for any garments left over 30 days***